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Mustafa Gamal remains in custody

After getting the decision of being released from custody in June 2020, Egyptian web designer Mustafa Gamal appeared in another case and remains in custody.

Since March 2018, web designer Mustafa Gamal has been jailed innocent of any offences. Mustafa has nothing to do with the song and music video Balaha that was the case he faced charges for.

Ramy Essam was one of Mustafa’s clients in 2015 – back then, Mustafa certified Ramy’s fan page on Facebook, and this was the only connection between him and Ramy. When the Balaha song was released in 2018, him and Ramy had not been in touch since 2015. After the release of Balaha in February 2018, Mustafa was jailed in March and has remained in custody since.

On June 1st, 2020, Mustafa got the decision of being released from custody, to be tried in liberty, as the two-year time-limit of detention prescribed by the Egyptian legislation was expired.

On July 14th, 2020, Mustafa appeared in the case 730 in which political prisoners are kept by false charges. He remains in custody.

Artwork by Ganzeer.



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