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Support Shady and Mustafa – Imprisoned Because of Art

Photographer & director Shady Habash and social media expert Mustafa Gamal have not committed crime. In spite of that, they remain jailed – soon for 500 days.

In February 2018 Egyptian artist Ramy Essam released a new song and music video, Balaha. Director of the music video Shady Habash as well as Ramy's former social media expert Mustafa Gamal have been arrested since.

As an acknowledged photographer and director Shady Habash is constantly working with Middle Eastern projects. Balaha is just one of many songs that Shady directed music video for. He doesn’t have anything to do with the content and message of the song.

Mustafa Gamal doesn't have anything to do with Balaha. As a social media expert, he is helping many with their social media platforms. One of his clients in 2015 was Ramy – he only certified Ramy’s fan page on Facebook, and this was the only connection between him and Ramy. Since 2015, Ramy and Mustafa were not even in any contact.

Anyhow, Shady and Mustafa have been imprisoned soon for 500 days. The charges against them include being a member of a terrorist group, spreading false news, the abuse of social-media networks, blasphemy, contempt of religion and insulting the military.

13th of July 2019 can be a turning point in the case, as the decision of the proceedings will be given. Either their imprisonment will be extended – or they can be conditionally released.

Support Shady and Mustafa – share the news with hashtag #FreeShadyAndMustafa



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