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Out on July 21st: Ramy Essam's album 'Metgharabiin' ('Outsiders')

Ramy Essam's album Metgharabiin ('Outsiders') will be released on July 21st, 2023. The album captures struggles faced by people living in exile and taps into emotions of those separated from their loved ones. Metgharabiin is a collaboration with producer Johan Carlberg, with a large part of it being co-produced remotely during the pandemic. The album contains 12 powerful tracks that reveal Ramy Essam's energy and message on the human condition of longing. The unique sound combines rock guitars, Egyptian traditional instruments, and beats in an electronic, industrial world. Metgharabiin tells a universal story of missing home, difficulties of living in exile, and the harsh realities of censorship and imprisonment. Ramy Essam brings forward vignettes in song taking the listener on a journey into life as an outsider. The album creates an experience where demonstration and unity come together, and where everyone is invited to engage to both dance and wind down. Metgharabiin features collaborations with two of the most prominent poets currently still behind bars, Galal El-Behairy and Ahmed Douma, who both have contributed to the album's soulful lyrics. The title track Metgharabiin’s lyrics and music are both written by Ramy Essam. The song conveys feelings of being an outsider in one's own country, and of not belonging.

"Metgharabiin is a tribute to all those who have been forced to leave their homes and live in exile, and to those who feel like an outsider. The album is a reflection of the emotions and experiences of those who have been separated from their loved ones, and the struggles they face on a daily basis. I hope this album will bring comfort to those who are going through tough times, and help them find solace in my music."

- Ramy Essam

Metgharabiin ('Outsiders')

Composing: Ramy Essam Poetry: Ahmed Fouad Negm, Elia Abu Madi, Sayed Hegab, Galal El-Behairy, Ahmed Douma, Medhat Aasem, Amr Hamid, Anno, Ramy Essam Production: Johan Carlberg Co-production: Ramy Essam Guitar, Keyboard: Johan Carlberg Acoustic Guitar: Ramy Essam Bass: Rikard Lidhamn, Johan Carlberg Drums: Niklas Gabrielsson, Jörgen Wall, Harry Wallin Produced, Recorded, and Mixed at Casten Studios, Stockholm Cover Art: Ganzeer Digital Distribution: Symphonic Rev House Productions 2023



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