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Music video out now! Ramy Essam: Lagl Tentesri (For You To Win)

Lagl Tentesri (For You To Win) highlights the resilience and sacrifices of the people in the Egyptian revolution – whether they be martyrs, prisoners, or still carrying on the fight and facing heavy consequences for their actions.

The lyricist, Ahmed Douma, prominent Egyptian activist and revolutionary, is serving a 15 years sentence in Egyptian prisons, and has already spent 11 years of his life imprisoned for standing up for human rights, democracy, and freedom nod speech during the early years of the Egyptian revolution.

Still, even though facing unjust and brutal treatment in his confinement, Douma resiliently keeps fighting for his cause with his words.

Lagl Tentesri (For You To Win) is a tribute to human rights defenders in Egypt and worldwide – especially for Douma himself.

- Ramy Essam -

Lagl Tentesri (For You To Win)

Poetry – Ahmed Douma

Composing – Ramy Essam

Music Production – Johan Carlberg

Guitars – Johan Carlberg

Acoustic Guitars – Ramy Essam

Bass – Rikard Lidhamn

Drums – Niklas Gabrielsson

Additional Drums – Jörgen Wall, recorded at Kapsylen Studio

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed at Casten Studios

Music video:

Directed by Pekka Keränen & Ramy Essam

Edit: Pekka Keränen

Director of Photography: Anttu Koistinen & Jesse Lintunen

Video Assistant: Samir Abya

Produced by Zone Collective / H-P Vitikainen

Choreography and movement directing: Emmi Myrskog

Dance/movement: Sanni Kahilainen

MUAH: Jasmiina Walters

In collaboration with Konstnärsnamnden and Kawaakibi Foundation.

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