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New release: Rise Up Sudan

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This song is celebrating the great work that has been done by the Sudanese people during the first year of revolution. It is dedicated to the fight for the people's rights that still goes on.

- Ramy Essam

Music & vocals – Ramy Essam موسيقى وغناء - رامي عصام Lyrics – Galal El-Behairy كلمات - جلال البحيري Music production & mixing – Johan Carlberg توزيع وهندسة الصوت- يوهان كرلبيرج Photography – @hmekki & @elhamalawy (Flickr) صور ثابتة - هند مكي وحسام الحملاوي Videos – Indeepvision & Youtube Creative Commons Video directed by Mostafa Elsayed Hussin إخراج - مصطفى السيد حسين Rev House Productions, 2019



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