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Out now! Ramy Essam: MAFI MAFI (Khod)

I am so lucky and honored to be welcomed by Lebanese artists and activists to collaborate on creating this important and valuable project. Mafi Mafi (Khod) is one of the best teamwork experiences I've had in my life. It all started when the Lebanese revolution unfolded, and I saw the footage of the free people raging in the streets, fighting for their better future. It looked and felt exactly like the revolution in Egypt. I can't explain how proud I was to see the people of Lebanon playing my song El Ars in the streets. I felt so connected to what was happening. And so, I decided to start Mafi Mafi (Khod) with a talented group of Lebanese artists working alongside video director Tariq Keblaoui and lyricist Samir Skayni.

In our region we share the same pain. We unite together through art to oppose those in power who oppress us.

- Ramy Essam -



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