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Out Now! Ya Habayebna (Oh You Loved Ones)

Ya Habayebna (Oh You Loved Ones) is originally a song by Egyptian singer and composer Sheikh Imam (1918–1995),known for his political songs in favor of the poor and the working classes. The lyrics are written by Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm (1929–2013).

Ya Habayebna is one of the songs I have been listening to a lot during my years in exile. While being away from Egypt, I got more connected to it, and it has been a big support for me. It describes the feelings of people being separated from their loved ones – being in jail or in exile, for example. The message is universal.

-Ramy Essam

Ya Habayebna (Oh You Loved Ones)

Composing & original recording: Sheikh Imam

Lyrics: Ahmed Fouad Negm

Arrangement: Ramy Essam Music producer: Johan Carlberg Co-music producer: Ramy Essam Guitar: Johan Carlberg Rev House Productions 2020

Video by Ramy Essam Cover art by Ganzeer



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